The International Protective and Security Academy® (PSA-Academy™) is private, independent educational Academy was established with the purpose of providing professional training for defence and security personnel in all areas of society.

We provide initial training as well as advanced and comprehensive training to all levels of professionals in the field of defense and safety who are employed by both the government organizations and private security industry.

Founders and instructors are fully committed to the cause and worked for a long time as highly trained, internationally recognized security and anti-terrorist professionals, experts, consultants, and trainers. Each teacher and instructor brings a wealth of knowledge gained from their specific personal experiences in dealing with the issues, and all colleagues benefit from this.

In addition the Academy uses guest lecturers for specific modules, considering the requirements of the Client.

The goal of PSA is to train protective specialist, high leaders and instructors, who not only accomplish their tasks but due to there high level of training  and live experience they can organize and coordinate different security duties and can think in complex protective system.

Those who attend our special courses and seminars will receive up to date, and modern practical and not only theoretical knowledge, furthermore there own practical experience will help there future employer, and due to there high level of skills they can also be employed to the governmental and also the civilian sector.

The trainings ,services and courses of PSA-Academy™ uses, British, American, Russian and Israeli methods, and also uses the specialty crafted and complied TCCS (Tactical Close Combat Training System™) educational system.

While building and assembling the educational material , beside the  „challange of the profession” it was an important aspect to us to follow the present day international terrorism and the new crime commuting methods and to take in count the needs of the market and to satisfy the needs of the employer.

TCCS which is used by PSA Academy™ is a specially developed educational system which is recognized by many official institution and uses it as an official educational system. The official headquarters for TCCS training is PSA Academy™ which is recognized  and accepted by many international professional organizations and institutions as well works as an officially recognized and accredited educational institute. The courses of PSA Academy™ through this is accepted in more then 120 countries worldwide.

The Academy offers 7 major Academic programs of study:

Program for Physical Security

Provides training for security officers and for senior security system administrators.

Program in Investigations and Intelligence

Provides training and the necessary skills needed for private investigators. This program of study includes data collection and assessment, surveillance, forensic make-up, tracking, etc.

Program for Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards)

Provides training for skills acquisition in close protection situations, defensive and operational driving, fire range administrators, self defense, fire fighting, CPR, extraction from threatening situations and the prevention of terrorist activities.

Program for Anti Terrorist Assistant

Provides training for skills acquisition in organizational and operational knowledge and practical training for safety and defence officers, heads of security department.

Program in Airport Security

This part of education is developed for students who are interested and wish to work in the civilian airport security. The course contains terminal security, passenger safety, and screening out and surveilling shariveling personal, training, flight attendant for crisis and conflict management, just as the training of Air marshals to handle and manage professionally special situations.

Program for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

This program is world widely spread. We recommend this  course firstly for bodyguards, law enforcement and security operatives who are likely to encounter life-threatening medical emergencies. This program contains armed extraction and evacuation techniques and also combat life saving procedures that can increas the chances of survival by 90% in a warzone.

Program for Military Self Defence and Hand to hand Combat

This is a specially developed training system which is not only a martial art but an independent real defensive and tactical system which is builded on the principles of Systema and Krav Maga. Throught out the education of TCCS beside the physical and technical training  it focuses on the special police, military, security operatives and bodyguards complex tactical and mental stress prepairness.

In addition to these 7 core programs, the Academy offers varied and assorted inhouse training services for close protection personnel, couriers, security guards, armed readiness groups, loss prevention personnel, investigative professionals, private investigators, police detectives, etc. These various activities/courses are designed and are coordinated beforehand with the same objectives in mind.

All programs of study at the Academy include academic frontal lectures interfacing with simulations and hands-on workshops. With every program of study, all educational techniques are employed. These can vary from slides, Power Point presentations, seminars, role playing, analogies, simulations, and the latest bibliography.

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